New! SHOCKSORB WASP STRIPS - Add Weight, Power, and Stability to your shots and reduce harmful vibrations.

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Elevate your game to unparalleled heights with RTP's ShockSorb Racquet Customization WASP Strips - the ultimate tool in precision performance enhancement.

Introducing the Future of Racquet Customization:

Redefine Your Racquet: Experience the power of personalization. The ShockSorb WASP Strips are not just accessories; they're a revolution. Tailor your racquet to your unique style, optimizing balance, spin, and power with precision placement. Whether it's the baseline or the net, your racquet will respond to your every command.

Uncompromised Comfort: Say goodbye to the jarring vibrations that hold you back. Our WASP Strips are your shield against the shocks that travel through your racquet. Immerse yourself in the game with confidence, knowing your arm is protected from the strains of play.

Smoothness in Every Strike: Feel the difference with every hit. The WASP Strips are meticulously engineered to absorb micro-vibrations, transforming each shot into a smooth, controlled, and satisfying experience. Your racquet will no longer feel hollow; it will feel like an extension of your will.

Solidity Meets Sophistication: Step onto the court with a racquet that feels as solid as your resolve. The WASP Strips redefine your racquet's feel, infusing it with a firmness that commands respect. It's not just a tool; it's your partner in the quest for victory.

Why Choose ShockSorb WASP Strips?

  • Precision Placement: Customize your racquet with precision, ensuring every strip serves a purpose.
  • Arm Protection: Embrace the protection that keeps you playing longer, without the fear of injury.
  • Enhanced Feel: Experience the transformation from a mere racquet to a trusted ally in your tennis journey.
  • Firmness and Control: Command the court with a racquet that responds with solidity and sophistication.

Your quest for the ultimate racquet customization ends here. The ShockSorb Racquet Customization WASP Strips are not just a product; they're a testament to RTP's commitment to innovation, quality, and your performance.

Available now - redefine your game with the touch of sophistication and control.


    4 strips - 4 in. x 1g
    4 strips - 2 in. x 0.5g

    Total of 8 strips in each pack

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Suwen Gu
    Love the product

    It's a bit pricy, but I really like the product.

    Walter Hayley
    I'm Left Wondering...

    Okay, I tried the Advantec strips (I guess I can say their name here). I tried them multiple times, and I felt nothing--zip, zero, zilch. I decided to try these RTP Wasp strips as well. The first time I went out to hit a few balls with friends, I put two grams at 6:00 and later another gram at 12:00. My very first warm-up shot was going into the net, or so it felt (a little mini-tennis half volley). Miraculously, or at least seemingly miraculously, it cleared the net by two or three inches. My very next shot was almost identical. And it came with that same odd feeling that it was going into the net, but like the first it cleared.

    I don't know if I somehow got acclimated to the feeling, if the strips suddenly stopped working, or if I was just fooling myself with some wishful thinking. Since then, I've tried Wasp strips on a total of three different rackets (new strips each time), and I've yet to experience the same feeling that came with the first three or four shots. I'm left wondering. What happened? I'm pretty sure I'm not buying anymore to find out. Sorry guys...

    Ryan Cook
    No difference

    Tried all positions
    Just can't beat a good old fashioned rubber band on the strings

    Hi Ryan, sorry that you didn't feel any difference. Please email us at

    Josh Hayes
    Love the concept, wasn't a fan of the actual execution

    Was really excited about these as I love to both customize my racket and reduce the wear & tear on my arm (I'm a very vocal lover of the dampeners RTP makes.) I went to try and add 2 grams to my Solinco WhiteOut at six o'clock, and immediately ran into two issues. One, the strips really don't fit the way this racquet is made, they are a little too wide for the various surfaces on the frame. Two, and this one was the bigger issue, the strip pulled away from the adhesive during the install, leaving me with a sticky strip on my frame and a piece of sorbothane that I couldn't line back up and apply them. I'm going to try them on one of my other racquets, but definitely had issues on my first install.

    Hi Josh,

    Thank you for the valuable feedback. Please let us know how the next few install goes. -Sky-


    The WASP Strip can be cut to your desired weight using the included ruler.

    Before applying, ensure the racquet is free of dust or other foreign substances. Clean it using wet wipes or a similar method, then allow it to dry.