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Tennis Spin's Harry & Coach Jerod Review: A Game-Changer in Racquet Customization with RTP ShockSorb WASP Strips
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Tennis Spin's Harry & Coach Jerod Review: A Game-Changer in Racquet Customization with RTP ShockSorb WASP Strips

When innovation meets the meticulous world of tennis, the results can be game-changing. This was vividly showcased when Harry from the popular YouTube channel Tennis Spin, alongside Coach Jerod, took RTP's WASP Strips for a spin. These strips aren't just any racquet customization tool; they're a testament to RTP's commitment to pioneering solutions in tennis gear.

The WASP Strips, crafted from the remarkable material Sorbothane, take racquet customization to the next level. Known for its exceptional shock and vibration absorption properties, Sorbothane is the same material used in our acclaimed ShockSorb Dampeners. But its application extends far beyond the tennis court. This versatile material is utilized by NASA on space shuttles, employed by museums to safeguard priceless artifacts and sculptures, and even used in high-end blenders at Starbucks to minimize that jarring grinding noise. In the hands of RTP, Sorbothane transforms into WASP Strips, offering players a unique blend of weight adjustment and vibration control.

The pack, thoughtfully designed with precision in mind, includes four full strips and four half strips, with each full strip weighing one gram. This meticulous approach allows players to tailor their racquets to their exact playing style. The included chart offers guidance on strip placement to achieve desired effects, whether it's enhancing spin, stability, plough, or maintaining balance.

On the court, the performance of the WASP Strips spoke for itself. Coach Jerod, a connoisseur of racquet customization, noticed a significant difference compared to traditional lead tape. "But when we put on the WASP tape, not only does it kind of get rid of that ringing, but it actually softens out the racket, which is kind of interesting too," he remarked. The Sorbothane material doesn't just add weight; it also introduces a comforting, softening effect on the racquet, a feature that resonated with both Harry and Coach Jerod.

Harry's experience with the WASP Strips was equally compelling. "It felt like you put a pillow on your racket... It took off the initial impact and gave you like a soft landing," he described. This characteristic of the WASP Strips is unique – they don't mute the entire racquet but provide a cushioned, soft landing at the moment of impact, enhancing both comfort and control.

As the review concluded, the transformative potential of the WASP Strips was undeniable. 

Endorsed by Tennis Spin's Harry and Coach Jerod, RTP's WASP Strips emerge not merely as an alternative to lead tape but as a significant advancement in racquet customization. For players seeking precision, performance, and a soft touch, the WASP Strips, powered by Sorbothane, present a compelling choice.

In the words of Harry, "Don't let that wasp buzz by; grab some, put it on your racket," and witness the innovation that is RTP WASP Strips – where the science of Sorbothane meets the art of tennis.

Tennis Spin Racquet Customization WASP Strips Review

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