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From the Runway to the Court: Francisco Lachowski's Love Affair with RTP Tennis Gear
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From the Runway to the Court: Francisco Lachowski's Love Affair with RTP Tennis Gear

It's a story of passion and precision, style and substance — Francisco "Chico" Lachowski, a name synonymous with high fashion, carries a lifelong love for tennis that parallels his illustrious modeling career. Today, we're proud to reveal that Chico has been a devoted user of RTP's ShockSorb Dampeners and Pro Series Overgrips, infusing his game with the same elegance and excellence that he brings to the runway.

Chico Lachowski: A Model Athlete

Chico's journey with tennis began long before the flashbulbs of fashion shows. From a young age, his heart was set on the courts, dreaming of professional tennis with the fervor of a future champion. Life, however, had other plans, and Chico's striking features led him down the path of modeling. But the dream of tennis never faded, and with RTP gear in hand, he's continued to pursue his passion.

The ShockSorb Dampeners: A Touch of Pro

Chico's powerful serve and baseline rallies are now complemented by the RTP ShockSorb Dampeners. These marvels of engineering, known for their vibration absorption, provide Chico with a seamless playing experience, allowing him to play longer and harder without the strain. The ShockSorb Dampeners are more than just equipment; they are a bridge connecting Chico to his love for the game, a nod to what could have been, and a celebration of what is.

A Shared Vision of Excellence

At RTP, we find a kindred spirit in Chico Lachowski. His dedication to tennis and his craft reflects our own commitment to excellence. Whether it's gracing the cover of a magazine or gracing the court with finesse, Chico embodies the RTP ethos — to perform with passion, to live with purpose, and to never compromise on quality.

We're honored to be part of Chico's tennis journey, to support him as he strikes each ball with the poise of a model athlete. His story is a reminder that dreams may shift, but the love for the game remains eternal.

Join us as we celebrate Chico Lachowski, the model who never let go of his racket, the athlete who brings artistry to every shot, and the man who reminds us that in tennis, as in life, it's not just about playing — it's about playing with heart.

Experience the blend of style and performance with RTP's gear — the choice of Francisco Lachowski.

Chico and RTP

Francisco Chico Lachowski




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