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RTP ULTRAGRIP V2 Dual sided Non-slip Technology Socks

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State-of-the-Art Dual Sided Non-slip Technology Socks


  • 1 pair of Kraken socks per box
  • 3 Different size options (check Size info)


  • Our customers stated that the previous version of the socks was slightly tight due to having too much compression. We up the sizes on our mediums and larges and they should fit true to size now.
  • Non-slip pads attached to the inside AND outside of the sock to prevent slipping between your feet and shoes, to create grip and speed.
  • Shock absorb cushion, causing less impact while playing sports or walking.
  • Flat non-slip pads for maximum comfort
  • Arch support by hugging the insole tightly to ensure stability and comfort
  • Instep mesh, allowing sweat to easily air out.


  • Helps prevent blisters by reducing friction on the sole of your feet
  • Helps prevent subungal hematoma (toe-nail bruising)
  • Helps prevent plantar fasciitis
  • Zero energy loss acceleration
  • Stop and change directions on a dime
  • Reduce fatigue and energy loss due to feet slippage inside shoes

* Great for blisters on the sole of your feet and bruising of toenails, subungal hematoma*


Width 3.5in / Length 8.75in / 1in
Package Weight
3 oz / 0.18lb


Cotton, Polyester. Polyurethane

Size Info

Small: US MEN 5-8 / US WOMEN 6-9
Medium: US MEN 8-12 / US WOMEN 9-13
Large: US MEN 12-15 / US WOMEN 13-16

Care Instruction

Please use neutral laundry detergent.

- Wash at or below 30C or 80F
- Do not bleach
- Do not dry
- Wring lightly
- Dry flat
- Flammable

Shipping and return policy

Contact us via with the reason for your return. If the product was damaged then we can send a replacement for exchange or a refund. The product must be returned within 30 days of receiving the item. Please follow these additional guidelines when making a return to

-Heel Pad XC may be returned no questions asked for a full refund within 30 days.

Other products:
- Item must be in new condition.
- Clothing must be unworn.
- Item must be returned with all original packaging and accessories
(includes box or plastic poly bag).
- No receipt is necessary to process your return.
- The online return form will ask for your order number.
- You can find your order number in the order confirmation email.

Note that we do not refund for shipping price, only the product price.

comparison on dry surface
comparison on wet surface



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