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World No. 2 Pickleball Champion Megan Fudge Swears by RTP's UltraSocks Grip
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World No. 2 Pickleball Champion Megan Fudge Swears by RTP's UltraSocks Grip


On the court, every step counts, and for world number 2 pickleball champion Megan Fudge, the RTP UltraSocks Grip has become an essential part of her winning formula. Dubbed her "lucky socks," Megan's endorsement is more than just superstition; it's a testament to the performance enhancement these socks provide.

The Magic Behind the "Lucky Socks"

What makes the UltraSocks Grip so special? It's all in the innovative design. With state of the art dual-sided padding and a unique grip technology, these socks ensure that Megan can move swiftly and confidently across the court. The thin, yet durable padding allows for a seamless fit without compromising on stability or comfort – a must-have for the intense agility required in professional pickleball.

Pickleball champion Megan Fudge's ascent to world number 2 is a tale of talent, hard work, and the right gear. For Megan, the RTP UltraSocks Grip is not just part of her athletic gear; it's a game-changer that she personally endorses.

A Personal Endorsement from a Pickleball Pro

From the junior tennis circuit to college tennis and now professional pickleball, Megan understands the toll competitive sports can take on the body. She emphasizes the importance of foot care, having experienced her fair share of foot pain and lost toenails. Megan's quest for comfort led her to our UltraSocks Grip, which she describes as an "instant solution."

Megan's Testimonial:

"Ever since trying RTP socks, it was an instant solution. Compression socks that keep my feet from slipping and jamming my toes. I can’t train or compete without wearing them. They've become my lucky socks."

Megan's experience speaks volumes of the confidence she places in RTP's products. Her rigorous training and competition schedule demands the best, and RTP UltraSocks Grip delivers.

Join the Winner's Circle

Follow in the footsteps of a pickleball champion and discover why Megan Fudge never wants to play without her RTP UltraSocks Grip. Experience the same level of support and comfort that helps Megan stay at the top of her game.

Visit our website today, and step into the comfort that champions like Megan Fudge swear by.



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