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Tennis Legend Sky Kim Releases Revolutionary New Products to Help Prevent Injuries
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Tennis Legend Sky Kim Releases Revolutionary New Products to Help Prevent Injuries

USA, March 2, 2023 / -- Legendary tennis coach and former professional player Sky Kim has launched his latest product, the RTP Heel PAD XC and ShockSorb Dampener, designed to help tennis players of all levels prevent injuries and perform at their best on the court.

A Young Tennis Protege

Sky developed a passion for tennis at a young age and began playing competitively in South Korea. At the age of eight, his whole family moved to the United States to pursue his dream of becoming a professional tennis player. However, at the age of fourteen, he suffered a serious knee injury that almost ended his career. Despite this setback, Sky persevered and worked hard to recover, eventually playing at a high level and earning a scholarship to IMG Tennis Academy in Florida, which boasts alumni such as Serena and Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova, Andre Agassi, and Tommy Haas, among many other top professionals.

But Sky's injury troubles were far from over. At the age of 18, he suffered another knee injury that forced him to undergo surgery once again. These experiences made him realize the importance of injury prevention and proper equipment in maximizing performance on the court.

Years later, while playing professionally, Sky discovered that switching to a new racquet or strings was causing him shoulder pain. He realized that the pain was due to the different frequencies that traveled through the racquet into his arm, highlighting the importance of finding equipment that suits each player's individual needs.

Helping Other Young Players

As a coach, Sky has worked with some of the biggest names in tennis, including Hyeon Chung. He played a pivotal role in Chung's stunning victory over Novak Djokovic in the 2018 Australian Open, helping the young South Korean develop a winning game plan.

Kim's success as a coach is due in part to his keen eye for technique and strategy, but also his ability to empathize with players and understand the mental and emotional challenges of the sport. Having experienced the ups and downs of professional tennis himself, he knows how to keep players motivated and focused through difficult times.

Turning Pain Into Passion and Purpose

But perhaps Sky's greatest contribution to the sport is his commitment to innovation. He has always been fascinated by the science of tennis, constantly experimenting with new training methods, equipment, and technology to help players perform at their best. His line of Road to Pro products includes some of the most advanced products on the market, including the RTP Heel Pad XC and ShockSorb Dampener.

The RTP Heel PAD XC is a versatile cushioning system that not only provides additional support and shock absorption for tennis players, but it can also benefit athletes in other sports that involve impact to the feet, such as pickleball, basketball, soccer, and virtually every sport. This cushioning system is designed to fit in most tennis shoes and is very minimalistic, making it a great option for sensitive athletes who require additional support but prefer a minimalist design. Developed in collaboration with the engineers at Sorbothane, a material that can absorb up to 94.7% impact shock, this innovative product is designed to fit in most tennis shoes and help prevent injuries. Additionally, the ShockSorb Dampener, another innovative product from Road to Pro, is designed to reduce vibrations and impact throughout the frame of the tennis racquet, helping to prevent tennis elbow and other arm injuries.

"I understand the importance of having the right equipment, especially after going through my fair share of injuries," said Kim. "That's why I'm so passionate about developing products like the RTP Heel PAD XC and ShockSorb Dampener that not only help players perform at their best but also minimize the risk of nagging injuries that can lead to frequent doctor visits."

Sky’s dedication to the sport and his commitment to innovation have made him a trailblazer in the tennis world. His products are designed to help players of all levels achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

The RTP Heel PAD XC and ShockSorb Dampener are available for purchase now on Sky Kim's website, amazon, and through select tennis retailers. For more information about Sky and Road to Pro’s line of innovative tennis gear, visit

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