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Spotlight on Performance: Luna Maya Choose RTP's ShockSorb
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Spotlight on Performance: Luna Maya Choose RTP's ShockSorb

Luna Maya Tennis Road to Pro RTP ShockSorb Dampener Tennis Elbow

Luna Maya isn't just a household name in entertainment; she's a trendsetter in the sports world, influencing her massive audience of over 38 million Instagram followers with every swing of her racquet. Her choice to use RTP's ShockSorb Dampeners is more than a casual preference—it's a statement of quality and performance trusted by millions.

Luna Maya's Trusted Choice

As a seasoned entertainer and an icon in Indonesia, Luna Maya has always been in the spotlight for her impeccable taste and standards. Her recent tennis posts with the RTP ShockSorb Dampener attached to her racquet are not just a style statement, but a nod to a product that stands up to rigorous play. It's a significant endorsement, given her vast reach and influence on Instagram.

The Science Behind the Selection

When Luna Maya, a personality known for her discerning preferences, chooses RTP, she's relying on proven science and meticulous engineering. The ShockSorb Dampener's ability to minimize harmful vibrations and protect against arm fatigue is why it's the dampener of choice for those who play as hard as they live.

A Social Media Sensation

Luna's choice resonates with her 3.8 million followers and beyond, highlighting the intersection of athletic performance and social influence. RTP's ShockSorb Dampeners have captured the attention of the digital world, where influencers like Luna Maya play a pivotal role in steering conversations about what it means to perform at your best.

Step Up Your Game

Join Luna Maya and the legions of athletes and enthusiasts who've discovered the game-changing benefits of RTP's ShockSorb Dampeners. If you're looking to play without limitations and with gear backed by influencer trust, RTP invites you to feel the difference for yourself. Whether you're on the court or sharing your passion with millions online, RTP is the brand that stands up to the test and delivers performance you can feel.



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