September 30, 2023


Tennis Legend Sky Kim Releases Revolutionary New Products to Help Prevent Injuries

USA, March 2, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Legendary tennis coach and former professional player Sky Kim has launched his latest product, the RTP Heel PAD XC and ShockSorb Dampener, designed to...

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Overcoming OCD (Osteochondritis dissecans): My Journey to Becoming a Professional Athlete

Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) is a rare and debilitating condition that affects the joints, typically occurring in the knees, but also sometimes in the elbow, ankle, or wrist. It is characterized...

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RTP's Brand New Website

March 19, 2021Welcome to RTP's brand new website.We've redesigned our entire website to bring you a better shopping experience. As you may realized, we've added a new blog feature for...

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About Products

Which one is right for you? ShockSorb Original vs ShockSorb UltraSofts

When a tennis ball hits the strings of a racquet, the impact creates vibrations that travel through the racquet frame and into the player's arm. This can cause discomfort or...

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Saying Goodbye to Old Beliefs: How Our ShockSorb Dampeners Are Making a Difference in Tennis

We all have beliefs that we've picked up over time, based on our experiences and the information we've been exposed to. Sometimes these beliefs can be helpful, but other times...

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Feel the Difference with the RTP Shocksorb: The Best Tennis Racquet Dampener on the Market

As the developers of the RTP Shocksorb vibration dampener, we can confidently say that our product is a must-have for any tennis player looking to improve the feel and reduce...

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